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"Die Richterin kennt die Bedingungen noch nicht."

Translation:The judge does not know the terms yet.

August 11, 2017



I said "the judge doesn't know the requirements yet". Is that wrong?


Requirements is mostly translated with Voraussetzungen. While Bedingungen can in some situations have that meaning, it also has different meanings.
In this case, it's unlikely that it means requirements, but without a context it's hard to tell, the german sentence does not make much sense on its own. I could easily come up with a scenario, where it cound be translated with requirements.


In the exercise immediately before this one, "what are the requirements for his help" was translated, "Was sind die Bedingungen für seine Hilfe." Duo can be maddeningly arbitrary sometimes. It doesn't make sense to me, either.


I have faced this situation several times already. I guess it is done on purpose in order to understand that one word can have several meanings. In your case it can depend on the context which option should be picked up. I am not a native english speaker but can imagine that "to know the terms (not requirements)" is a stable phrase in the legal dictionary. By the way I wrote "The judge does not yet know the conditions." and it was accepted.


"The judge does not know the stipulations yet" seems to me an equally correct answer, but is marked wrong. "Stipulations" can specifically refer to conditions in a legal document, which seems to be something a judge would likely need to know.

[deactivated user]

    I used the words "conditions" instead of terms, even though if you click on the possible translations for the word "Bedingungen", conditions is one of the options. Oh well.

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