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Help with translation

How would you translate 'Je me soûle au silence'

I know that it is about getting drunk (i think anyway) but I am not sure how the end of the sentence would fit in to the English translation, on silence or in silence ?

August 11, 2017



I think that the singer meant the opposite of the expression "to get drunk with the sound of one's own voice" (se saouler de paroles), so I would translate "I get drunk with silence".

Je me soûle au vin blanc/ je me soûle au whisky / je me soûle à la bière / "se soûler au" is a frequent expression in France


Ah thank you that would make more sense


Je me saoule au silence = I get drunk in the silence. But we never say that.


Ah, i am translating a song so guess they are using weird language to make it fit or something, I will make a note that it is not common used, Thank you very much for the help :)


Not only to make it fit. Songs often use words in unusual ways. Wordplay and puns are also common.

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