"Rehema ni mwalimu wa darasa"

Translation:Rehema is a class teacher

August 11, 2017

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'Rehema is a classroom teacher' should be accepted, both because it is the same in meaning and because 'darasa' also means classroom.


The or a should be accepted here.


Did you report it?


yes. I try to both report and comment when i see a trend in translation.


I agree with the post below, a or the should be accepted


Can a teacher be not a class teacher? Is it enough to say Rehema ni mwalimu?


There are lots of teachers who don't teach a class


If this is the case, it means that mwalimu is a person who studied Education and mwalimu wa darasa is a person employed at school. Am I right?


it's a matter of being a class teacher vs one who only teaches a subject.

In East Africa, each primary and high school student belongs to a specific class with an assigned classroom for the entire school year; for high school you'll have the same classmates for all 4 years. Each classroom has a teacher that's in charge of it, and in most cases they will also be teaching a subject in that classroom. Each classroom will have multiple teachers, each teaching a different subject. However, not all subject teachers are in charge of classrooms, so not all teachers are class teachers


It is very clear now. Thank you! It is similar here in Poland as well.

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