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  5. "Sijambo na hajambo"

"Sijambo na hajambo"

Translation:I am fine and he is fine

August 11, 2017



so when I answer "I am fine and she is fine," they offer the alternative "I am fine and he is fine." happens every time I use the feminine for yeye; they suggest the masculine... EXCEPT for when I put "He is a nurse." suddenly Duolingo is keen to suggest "She is a nurse." Clueless in Serengeti, haha


I said she... Isn' that ok? It was considered incorrect...


It's in beta. Just hit report next time.


I thought leading with a "si" was negative?


It is. Jambo means matter or issue. What you are actually saying in this sentence is "I have no problem and (s)he has no problem."

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