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"Somo la uraia"

Translation:Civics subject

August 11, 2017



My one complaint is the inconsistency in acceptable answers. Lesson v. Subject v. Civics or mathematics are examples. Especially frustrating is the inconsistent use of articles. This would be a great improvement for an editor to make.


Yep. The course is in Beta, so we're supposed to be filing reports to help them. Have you been doing that?


As a non-native English speaker: what is civics as a subject?


I looked up the translation. It's the science on how society works, elections, government organization, a bit of civil law etcetera.


As a scientist I would not call this science!! Better to say, this is the study of how society works, elections, government organization, a bit of civil law etc. Or ,according to the Oxford Dictionary: the study of the rights and duties of citizenship (chiefly British).


In Mexico we used to have this subject, and they just cut off from the study plan. To be honest, I didn't quite like it. I found it rather boring. I prefered Math, Physics and mainly Chemistry.


"Civics subject" is not idiomatic English. Typically, just the word "civics" is used -- "I took civics last semester." "Civics course" is OK -- "The teacher was hired to teach the new civics course." If the word "subject" must be used, then there isn't much choice except "the subject of civics". The two words can be separated "Do you think civics is a subject that should be taught in high school?"

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