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"How many kilograms of corn flour do you want?"

Translation:Mnataka sembe kilo ngapi?

August 11, 2017



" Sembe" - according to given question ( and my proper choice ) it should to mean - " maize" or " corn flour" but I didn't finde this word in dictionaries. Instead exists - " unga wa mahindi" - corn flour.


Thank you :) Right. So, I couldn't to find meaning of " sembe" in kiswahili dictionaries because it is not kiswahili but sheng. Original kiswahili's word is - unga ya mahindi. " Sembe" means the same - corn flour. Similar situation is with " kiungo / viungo" - it is also sheng and original name for spice is - " masala" ( sing. and plural )


Can you use also Unataka sembe kilo ngapi?


Yes! Report it if it isn't accepted.

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