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How about creating a Serbian course in here? Would anyone like to contribute?

Feel free to share with me helpful websites for the learning of this language.


August 11, 2017



Here's a link that talks about how to lend your support to requested courses: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194

And this "master discussion" has links to tons of language resources: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23152209


I want to contribute to a Serbian course, of course! Once, I sent a request to Duolingo, but I didn't get any answer. :( But I'm very sure that we're going to have a Serbian course in the future. :)

You could learn with Memrise!


I believe they only answer you if they have decided to start making the course and you have been chosen as a contribute


Well, I read that somebody got an answer... Perhaps Serbian will come after Chinese...? Or we have to wait again... :(


You may have just not been selected, I am not sure about their selection process but a lotof people apply so it would be better to have a few very active people rather than trying to direct a hundred people


Yeah, that's true. :) But I have to be a contributor!! :D


Well, I guess we don't lose anything in trying again. I'll make a request too!

Hvala for the tip!!


Yes! It wouldn't do a harm to try it again. :D

Nema na čemu. :)


Одлицчно! Ја ћу учити Срски! - I know some Serbian because my family is Serbian. But by no means am I fluent in it; I have basic knowledge but I do know Serbian Cyrillic.


*Одлично! Ја ћу учити српски! Not bad! :) Even though Serbian is a hard language (even harder than Russian!) you know it good! :D If you would have some questions about Serbian, just ask! :)



Ја ћу питати ако неснам! Знам мало Српски зато моја фамилиа је Српска.

Шта је падеж и како да користи?


@Xamaranth *Ја ћу питати ако нешто не знам! Знам мало српски пошто је моја фамилија пореклом из Србије.

Шта је падеж и како га користити?

Na srpskom postoje sedam padeža (nominativ, akuzativ, dativ, genitiv, lokativ, vokativ i instrumental) što se uvek mora prilagoditi imenicama, glagolima, zamenicama itd. Na primer: Ona ga je videla. (She saw him.) -- akuzativ: ga; ili moze i njega (him). / Ja sam Aleksandar. (I'm Alexander.) -- nominativ: Aleksandar.

I hope I could help you! :)

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