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  5. "Acele rațe vor pâine."

"Acele rațe vor pâine."

Translation:Those ducks want bread.

August 11, 2017



I wish I knew where this answer came from, I've studied the tables on this and that and acele doesn't appear on it. In the sentences for practice the feminine plural of those came up as 'alea', in the table fem plural comes up as 'acelea' but we have also been given 'alea' for those (f.plural) as a common variation. at present I don't know why I keep getting it wrong (I've noticed that 'these' mplural has also come up as 'acesti' (with , under s) rather than the acestia (same comma) given in the table. Any help to get my brain round it would help.


You should be aware that the course notes are sometimes inaccurate and/or incomplete.
Here are three different ways to say "Those ducks want bread":

  • Acele rațe vor pâine.
  • Rațele acelea vor pâine.
  • Rațele alea vor pâine. (alea is a rather informal shortening of acelea)


Thank you, I can see it changes according to before after noun and the definite article is used if the noun is first.


So does this mean, regarding "this, that, these, those" in Romanian, the words lose the "a", if it goes before the noun? Does it also apply to "other" in Romanian, "celălalt"?

I spent hours try to learn the notes, and the first question I get when I start a lesson, thinking I've finally got it straight, doesn't match up to any of the notes.

Thank you for the above post!


Those notes are not that helpful. I recommend you read section "3.4.6. Demonstrative pronouns and pronominal adjectives" in the grammar book linked from the "FREE Romanian Resources" sticky thread.


Thank you, Lurch_M! I'll take a look!


Any further instructions as to how to access free Romanian resources sticky thread? Just ploughing through the exercises here.. might be good to have an introductory paragraph to DL language courses, accessible via a symbol throughout the course which points people in direction of other helpful material and explains where the course is up to in its development and whether things like stories are available yet or not etc


Any further instructions as to how to access free Romanian resources sticky thread?

Just go to the forum section for this course, and you'll see it there... You really can't miss it, but in the odd case you do, here's the link: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/19075872.

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