"It's fun to read manga."


August 11, 2017



What's the difference with: マンガを読むことがたのしいです。

August 11, 2017


If I recall correctly what my Japanese teacher said years ago, I believe you use の to refer to something you've experienced or that's in some way familiar to you. Using こと would be a little weird here, because if you're saying something is fun, that implies that it's something you do. I guess you could possibly say 漫画を読むことはたのしいですか to ask someone if it is fun if you've never read manga and have no idea what it's like.

August 23, 2017


I lived in Japan and found こと to be more common as a normalizer /gerund creator because no is used as a particle

September 22, 2017


This lesson gets boring with just 楽しい in all the sentences...

September 15, 2017


Why use katakana for the word manga when the kanji is more commonly used?

February 9, 2018


マンガ is less common than 漫画、but it is still used sometimes.

June 2, 2019
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