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  5. "Другий семестр"

"Другий семестр"

Translation:The second semester

August 11, 2017



Term should not be accepted as, at least in my expierance, it is has different meaning.

My school has 4 terms divided into 2 semesters. They're rather different and as far as I know not interchangeable.


I would say it should be accepted, but as an alternative translation, not as the main sentence that is shown in the exercises...


This sentence is structurally correct. Besides, you just admitted you have two semesters anyway.

My school has 4 terms divided into 2 semesters.

Even then, it's different to say that an answer should "not accepted" as opposed to "my answer should be accepted" (in addition to the other answers). Your response here suggests it simply shouldn't be accepted, as if to remove it entirely. What if there are others around the world who can identify that two semesters exist? These people shouldn't be discredited just because you may not have the same system in your region.


English has such a word as semester which means exactly семестр and can be much better used here than term


Both are used here, for diversity


Another is not the same as 2nd.

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