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  5. "Which dress?"

"Which dress?"

Translation:Quelle robe ?

March 9, 2013



When does one use quelle rather than the root laquelle?


"Quelle" needs a noun, it is an interrogative adjective: quel vélo ? quelle robe ? quels jours ? quelles fleurs ?

"Laquelle" is a pronoun, it can be used as a stand alone whenever you have a choice: lequel est ton vélo ? laquelle est ta robe ? lesquels sont tes jours préférés ? lesquelles sont les fleurs que tu veux ?


Is Laquelle est robe correct?


"laquelle est robe" = "which one is dress". It does not work, as you can see.


what about "laquelle robe" ?


laquelle is a pronoun that you cannot use as an adjective: quelle robe ? or laquelle ?


By the way, you always need an article in French, so it should be "la robe". But still, that would make a different sense.


"Quelle" is an interrogative adjective that agrees in gender and number with the noun it modifies: quel vélo ? quelle robe ? quels jours ? quelles fleurs ? (which/what bicycle, dress, days, flowers...?)

"Que" starting a question is a pronoun: "que fais-tu ? (what are you doing?)


Ooookay, so the stem is 'Que' sort of, and the ending matches the gender & number? I think I got it!


Quick question, sorry if it's silly I thought we couldn't mention any item without defining it with la/le/des etc

does the Quel/Quelle define it depending on the masculinity?


You are right, in 99% of cases, nouns come with a determinant. A determinant can be an article (le, la, un, une) or an adjective: demonstrative (ce, cette...), possessive (mon, ma...) or interrogative (quel, quelle...).

All these determinants agree in gender (masculine, feminine) and number (singular, plural) with the noun they modify:

  • quelle robe ? quel chapeau ? quelles robes ? quels chapeaux ?


This is the kind of lesson that makes me feel as if Duolingo is more like a game where you can practice some skills adcquired elsewhere in a REAL language course. It's a hell of a game, but still a game (a game of scrabble on steroids, if you will)


Isnt this wrong. Quelle means what. Qui means which.

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