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Strength bars expire much too quickly!

Duolingo, please fix the strength bars... they could actually be useful.

Is anyone else frustrated by the rate strength bars expire?

IMO, strength bars expire much too quickly, and do not seem to get reinforced by doing adjacent review lessons or new lessons. IMO, skills should be strengthened and maintained as an organic effect of reviewing other lessons and completing new lessons. No language course that I've ever taken required me to repeatedly redo earlier chapters. For certain, courses I've taken have never required so much repetition of old material that I stopped making progress altogether!!!

Anecdote (ignore if you wish): I quit studying Irish because I became infuriated with the continuous "loss of progress". I had reached a point where I was doing 5 to 10 practice exercises per day to maintain strength bars, and never getting to learn new material. Each time I'd open the iOS app, even within a few hours of its previous use, my strength bars would have dwindled down. The strength bars did NOT reflect my learning progress. Furthermore and frustratingly, every time I did practice lessons it seemed to present the same lessons over and over (since the "practice" button seems to repeat lessons linearly from the lowest missing strength bar).

After taking a few weeks off, I calmed down (somewhat). I decided that "strength bars" was a nice concept, but as implemented, was a faulted way of measuring skills and a waste of my time. As an experiment, I began learning a new language from scratch, Norwegian, and have mostly ignored the strength bars. Success!!! Hurrah so far!!! I spend some time doing practice lessons as I feel I need to. However, by mostly ignoring the strength bars I'm able to proceed with new lessons and achieve progress at an enjoyable & predictable rate.

August 11, 2017



Here's a discussion thoroughly explaining how to keep your course/skill tree golden:


I can't say I agree with his injunction against timed practice. If one is indeed skipping lots of sentences in it, that's probably a useful hint that material needs more review.


I'll follow his advice and see how it goes. Until now I've relied solely on using general strengthening with exactly the lack of results that he describes. Thank you for sharing this link!


1 skill, 10 lessons, 7x10=70 words.

Compare it to Memrise and 4-5/12/24h short-term review intervals.

How many words does one strengthen excercise strengthen? 10-15?

Have you tried the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer"?
It works with base/source language English - even on the new migrated Duo (Scala) portal.

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