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How can I learn High Valyrian without some google translate and keyboard ???

August 12, 2017


  • Without google translate: No need to use it. High Valyrian is pretty easy. In this course, they just teach simple words and sentences. Not as complicated as Vietnamese :)

  • Without keyboard: No need a separate keyboard just for learning this language. In some cases, they give you options for letters like _ ñ, ĩ, ã,... Other cases, they still accept letters like n, i, a.


Oh thanks. But I when I learn a new language , I want to practise that language to a person. So what should I do ?


I think maybe you can join a group of people who interested in this language and talk to them.


I don't quite understand your question? Are you looking for somewhere you can practise writing High Valyrian, like in a chat or are you asking something else?


No. When we learn on duo, i need the keyboard and google translate. But this language hasn't availabled on google translate yet. I really really need google translate when I learn a language.

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