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les robes. The dresses. The website continually marks the translation wrong.

August 12, 2017



I think, on the contrary, that you were right to post here instead of reporting it directly as a problem.

But you had to give us more details. You think the website is wrong, but in most cases we have seen here, the person reporting a problem was actually wrong.

So you can take screenshots, or quote the exact sentences. We need to be able to verify the problem by ourselves and see if there is indeed a problem, or if you were mistaken, in which case you will learn from your mistake.


I have just rechecked the website & can assure you that it is incorrect.

It is Level 2, Basics 2, Lesson 2. When it asks, translate "The dresses" into French" and I write "les robes", it says that I have used the WRONG word. Yet is gives the correct answer as: les robes.

Please check it out.


I did the lesson, twice. It worked for me. The only time there was only 'les robes', I typed 'les', and when I pressed the space bar, 'les' moved up to become a selected item above the box where we type, then I typed 'robes' and it was accepted. Maybe you typed 'les' twice; I mean maybe there was 'les' selected above, and 'les robes' in the box, in which case it would be rejected, since it would give 'les les robes'.


Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 12.12.53.png.pdf


I cannot see the screenshot. It would have to be on some hosting site (Google Photos, Flickr, etc.). I will redo the lesson to see that.

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