"Ñuhys hontes dāez issa."

Translation:My bird is free.

August 12, 2017

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Is it still your bird then?


Why is it "Ñuhys" instead of "Ñuha"? I thought that "Ñuhys" was for singular accusative, but I can't see why it would be accusative in this sentence?


Ñuhys is solar nominative singular. The accusative would be ñuhi hontī.


Thank you. I didn't realise that endings change based on the class the noun is in. I just thought that the nouns and verbs endings change depending on the class the noun was in. Is this mentioned anywhere in the notes because I don't think I've seen it yet? Thanks again!


You're asking if the notes mention that adjectives agree with their gender? Yes, in the notes for the chapter on each of the four genders it says "Every noun of High Valyrian belongs to one of these four genders and requires its adjectives to agree with that gender."

If you think about it, it is meaningless for a noun to have grammatical gender, unless other words in the sentence (typically adjectives) have to "agree."


You can't see chapter notes oh High Valyrian in the app, I guess it isn't updated, so thanks for the answer, I´ve been looking for it for a while.


Ah I see what you mean. Thank you once again for your help! Sorry I've been asking so many basic questions. I've been learning a lot.


Sorry I'm not always around to answer basic questions! ;)


What are the different endings for "My"? Would this be correct?

Lunar Class:

  1. Nominative: Ñuha (singular), Ñuhi (plural).
  2. Accusative: Ñuhe (singular), Ñuhii (plural).

Solar Class:

  1. Nominative: Ñuhys/z (singular), Ñuhys/z (plural) - (if this is put before a noun that starts with "k", "p", "s", or "t", this will end with an s. Otherwise it ends with an s.
  2. Accusative: Ñuhi (singular), Ñuhyii (plural).

This should be correct I think?


The solar nominative singular is always ñuhys. The variation only occurs in the plural.


The web version of duolingo has notes for each chapter. :)

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