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Units of Measurement - Tips

Vreme - Do you mean "wheater" or "weather"? I looked it up and while weather is one translation, it's worth saying that this word has many translations!

As you say in these "tips" Kilogram is a unit of mass, Newton is a unit of force. However at 1 gravity (ie for practical purposes on planet Earth) we use the Kilogram as a unit of weight in all aspects of normal non-scientific life. Does the "scientific" comment risk confusing more than helping? Scientists will know and why would others care?

Finally can you clarify which Romanians would be more comfortable with - 10cms or 1 decimetre? In England we don't use decimetres or decametres in normal life - and only very occasionally outside of my work have I come across decilitres...

Thanks for any update / clarification.

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August 12, 2017



We shall probably be on Mars within twenty years, where gravity is ~0.4 of that of Earth; I applaud the Romanian team's foresight and precision in pointing out the difference between force and inertia. I cannot see anything confusing about it, compared with a wealth of possible sources of confusion in Romanian grammar.


When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon (which I remember watching on TV), it was expected that we would get to Mars around 1980.... Regret even if mankind does get to Mars in 20 years it's unlikely I'll see it - but as to colonies the going timescale seems to be around 100 years. I suspect even then a kilogram of payload sent from earth (eg. food / building materials / etc) will still be spoken of as a kilogram when it arrives, not least because Martian surface gravity is so much more variable than that of Earth! Apparently even on earth civil engineers need to take into account local variations of gravity for big projects because of their effect on weight, but for most of us mass is what matters and the weighing technology is just incidental. BTW if you're not a native English speaker your English is amazing! Respect +++

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