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"You eat strawberries and chocolate."

Translation:Tu manges des fraises et du chocolat.

March 9, 2013



Can someone please explain to me why you use des and du here?


Tip: let's look at the singular: "you eat a strawberry and (some) chocolate" = "tu manges une fraise et du chocolat".

  • about des fraises: Note: the plural of "une" is "des" whereas the English "a" has no plural form. So: une fraise -> des fraises - a strawberry -> strawberries.

  • about du chocolat: Chocolate is not countable: you eat a piece of chocolate, a little chocolate, some chocolate. In French, the expression of "some" or "a piece of" is constructed with de + definite article

  • you eat chocolate = tu manges du chocolat (du is a contraction of de-le) - masculine

  • you eat soup = tu manges de la soupe - feminine
  • you eat garlic = tu manges de l'ail - masculine + elision of LE to L + apostrophe to avoid the vowel sound conflict (EU-A)
  • you drink water = tu bois de l'eau - feminine + elision of LA to L + apostrophe (same reason)


So we use du for nouns without plural and des for nouns with plural forms?


yes, that is inherent to countable/uncountable things:

du poulet (only a piece of chicken)

des fraises (a few)


merci beaucoup. i too was having trouble with this


Merci your explanation's so straightforward!


Thank you very much for this explanation


good hahaha goooooooood yes! good!


This is making me hungry!!!


'Du' was missing from the closest right answer


So again, when do you use de, du or de la. I know des is for plural, but which one is feminine and masculine and than there is one left?


Sitesurf you explained that really well, thank you.


Okay.... I'm going to assume that the French never just use nouns that are automatically plural. Because we would say "I eat chocolate" and it wouldn't be incorrect. Apparently, it's incorrect in French though. You HAVE to say "I eat some chocolate."

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