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a Suggestion while Practicing a language

Hi Duolingo Developers,

Excuse me, I don't know where to put my suggestions in Duolingo, so I do put it here. I have a simple idea to suggest to you, the idea is to make users have the ability to select their favorite phrases during practicing languages, and save them in a list called "Favorite" for example.

that will help a lot, because sometime some specific phrases are unlikely repeated frequently during practicing.

agree ?

Thank you

August 12, 2017



I think that's an excellent idea!


Yes, it is boring to write dozens of times two plus two equals four.


Love the idea...I have a question, though (not related to topic)....I am not a native English speaker, but I learnt someone can not be agree, just agree with something/someone...So, I have to ask, is it ok asking ...

"...Who is agree?..."?

...does it have another connotation, or usage?

Or it was just a typo?...



You are right, that was not Standard English. It should have been, "Who agrees?"


Thank you. I just had to know.
Espero, se divierta aprendiendo español/castellano.


Yes, you were right, I m always confused between "be agree" and "do agree" .. Thank you for the fact that you love my idea by the way ^_^ !


Gern geschehen!
Das ist eine tolle Idee!


das ist sehr freundlich von Ihnen !


Great thinking! It would be handy to have this option included in our Duo app.

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There are several online flash card systems, I'm familiar with Anki. There are already many Gernan > English made up "decks" (flash cards which have a front and back) and you can import them. I also use Anki to make up my own deck of phrases. Later it may be good enough to share with other German learners.

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