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I love the new feature on the IOS app!

I love the new feature on the IOS app where you can see what percentage of the tree you've finished! Not sure why I like it so much, but I just do. Upvote and/or comment if you agree!


August 12, 2017



Sounds nice. Many people asked for the number of skills / lessons in a tree. Some people seem to use it as motivation "to see an end."


I'd love to see that on the website as well.


I don't see it, and my app is up to date...A/B test?


Oh wow, it actually might be... Are you absolutely sure it is up to date?


Hi Woof.....do you need a linget?


Seems it's only for a few trees: the ones with the Words tab more or less. I miss the cool landmark icons for the languages, replaced by over-sized flags.

People already worried too much about having their trees all gold; actually having a measure thereof only seems likely to make that worse. Even more complaints in the forums about how it's too hard...

Interesting that Health level doesn't show up on the main screen with the tree.


Another iOS-only feature.


Instead of giving us sentence discussions, they randomly change things that don't actually matter... We don't even have Duolingo Plus or achievements (although I'm unclear if Duolingo Plus actually works as implied).


Sorry. But that's not really my fault.


Cool Waggytail Kitty


Where is it? I have IOS app and the most updated version. Hmm... Any help? Thanks! :)


It should be at the top of the page, with the crown. Are you sure it's up to date?


I think it is an A/B test - not only is it unsurprising that it would be looking at Duolingo's track record, but also on my iPod touch I have triple checked that my Duolingo is updated (app version 5.1.7) and I still don't have it [can't wait 'till I do though :)]

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