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How to pronounce "je viens de"

Hi guys.

J'espere que vous allez bien =)

It's been almost a year since I learnt French. I am still a beginner. I was watching a movie and often heard 'gien'. or 'jien' ? I guess it means 'je viens de' in the context. Do you pronounce it like gien, when speaking fast? Or Is there other word there ?

Merci beaucoup.

August 12, 2017



I was watching a movie and often heard 'gien'. or 'jien' ?

You may be referring to the pronunciation of the (incorrect, but often done in colloquial speaking) contraction j'viens which is pronounced (International Phonetic Alphabet): \ʒvjɛ̃\

The pronunciation of je viens is \ʒə vjɛ̃\


Thank you jrikhal. =) was very helpful.


In fast speech it is typically pronounced as "j'viens d" [ʒvjɛ̃d] which may be challenging to catch for a learner like you.

For instance, "Je viens de le faire" will be "J'viens d'le faire" [ʒvjɛ̃dləfεʁ]


Thank you relox84. I still barely hear /v/ and /d/, but it's just my problem. XD Your example was especially very helpful.



this might help you, maybe look up vien... and see if any of the other speakers day it like that


The problem with Forvo is that people pronounce the words well. :) As indicated by jrikhal and relox84, it was certainly the contracted form 'j'viens' [ʒvjɛ̃] which may sound like 'j'iens' [ʒjɛ̃] to non native ears.


Right, I'm from Korea so that it's hard to catch some sounds that we don't have. thank you for your opinion. :)


You are welcome. :) Even for us, native French speakers, there is a lot of guessing when we listen to someone or watch a film. If we hear 'j' iens d' fair' ça', we know it means 'je viens de faire ça'. Not that easy for people learning the language. Another example: 'Nan, ch' chais pô' is a common way to say, 'Non, je ne sais pas.'


thanks for your opinion! :)


There's a problem all right. Most of the time what I hear is "jefiens" or in the case of "velo", "felou". It's not because of fast pronunciation--Duolingo generally does not like that. It's the audio that's simply wrong. LG

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