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Who is learning what on Duolingo

Always wanted to know who is learning what on Duolingo ? What are the most popular languages ? Where are the learners coming from ?

Since I couldn't find this information, I compiled the numbers I found on the different language pages and build the matrix you will find here (numbers are in thousands) :


  • the column title is the source (known) language
  • the row title is the target (learned) language
  • each cell shows how many people speaking the source language are learning the target one (numbers where taken on August 5, 2017)

There are over 637 millions learners ! That's about 10% of the world population ! (Well, of course, some (most) people take more than one language so this affirmation is quite exagerated.)

The top 5 "most sudied languages" are

  1. English (with approximately 50% of the learners)
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Italian

The top 5 "source languages" are

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portugese
  4. French
  5. Russian

Since the biggest part of the matrix is empty we can assume that most people learning a foreign language already speak english.

August 12, 2017



Some people join Duolingo not to learn a language but just to be cool.


Well, no offense to those people, but that is just stupid. Also, if you are on an education website, it makes you seem nerdy, not cool, unless nerds are cool, IMHO.


Nerds are pretty cool imo :D


I think there are a lot of abandoned or inactive accounts. Duolingo puts their user numbers at around 200 million. I'm not sure what their criteria is, however. :)

I had no idea Russian was such a prolific source language on here! Wow! How many courses are connected with it?


The figure of 200 millions users is coherent with the matrix. I should have said 637 millions "inscriptions to a new language" and not 637 millions "users". As I noticed in the post most users take several languages. If Duolingo has around 200 millions "unique" users, that would make an average of 3 languages by user, which seems to make sense.

As for russian speaking members, the studied languages are

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish


Some duolingo people just waste their time on duolingo.

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