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How do I get the progress quizzes back?

Someone once said that there was a way to get the quizzes back, and how to do it. This was pretty recently, so it must still be available. I tried the quiz, and did not get a good score, but I would like to try again. If you know how to access the quiz, please tell me!

Thank you!


August 12, 2017



The progress quiz was removed with the new and updated version of the website, which everyone has now been moved onto:


  • Features Under Consideration:

Progress quiz (we would rather focus efforts on creating other, more popular shop items)

Based on what was stated in the article regarding the recent rewrite project of Duolingo's website, it seems the progress test won't be brought back anytime soon.


I like the new website, and I don't miss the old features because I NEVER used them, but someone once told me how to get the quiz back temporarily, and I would like to know how to get it back again.


You cannot get it back, perhaps they had not been updayted yet and were still using the old website


Yes, well I was (and I still am) on the new website, and someone said how to get it back even if you are on the new website.


How? how would that work? the code is not there, you cant use code that is not there. Perhaps they were mistaken, or they found a similar quiz on a different website.


The quizzes are still there. The code hasn't been deleted. They are completely intact and functional. The only thing missing is the button in the lingot store to buy/use them.

I really have no idea why they won't just put that button back, lol. xD


@testmoogle: Because that code for the progress quiz uses the infrastructure of the old website, which is much slower and less efficient. The only thing they're still using the old code for is these forums.


the quizzes are gone, you cannot restore gone features


Woof..... Here's that discussion topic you are thinking of:


Here's a screenshot of when I did the Progress Quiz on the English from Japanese course, six days ago (on 2017-08-06). ^^

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