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"Kto weźmie za to odpowiedzialność?"

Translation:Who will take responsibility for it?

August 12, 2017



Who will take responsibility for this answer was not accepted, why


I'm a bit confused where does your answer end and a comment starts... Anyway, the accepted answers are: Who [will take/is going to take/will have taken] [the/] responsibility for [this/it/that]?


I put, who will take responsibility for this, it was not accepted. I guess it needed a comma. Again we Americans have so many ways of saying something in varied ways and they all mean the same to us. we have altered the language to the point that someone from the nineteenth century would not understand what we are speaking. Constant change in terminology, there is certainly no status quo here.


Hi - "who will take responsibility for it". I understand that it is not one of the accepted answers but would like to know what the translation would be.


But it is exactly the main answer...


does wziąć have present tense forms?


Perfective verbs don't have present tense forms. But their imperfective counterparts (in this case: brać), do.

I'm surprised you haven't heard of Wiktionary yet. It can answer all your conjugation and declension related questions.


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