"Ñuha kepa kirine issa."

Translation:My father is happy.

August 12, 2017

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Based on other sentences, I presume that if Kirine was on the other side of Kepa than it would read as my happy father is, or am I wrong and it is just based on context?


No, it's not based on context, it always works like that. That's because the word order of High Valyrian is SOV (like latin). This means that the subject comes first, then the object, and then the verb. Here is the subject is "my father", the object is "happy", and the verb is "is" (to be).


Im not sure but I think it is based on context

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    Why is there no audio? I'm not sure of the pronunciation!


    There is now audio!


    its kind of pointless to learn with bo audio...

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