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  5. "I love it here"

"I love it here"

Translation:Ninapapenda hapa

August 12, 2017



Can anyone explain the use of 'pa' in 'ninaPApenda'?

Asante :)


Yep. It's the object prefix, agreeing with hapa, class 16, the locative class for exact locations. It indicates that it is the place which is liked, not something else which is simply liked in this location.

Ninakupenda hapa. = I like you here. (eg. I didn't like you when we were there, but now that we're here, you're much nicer.)
Ninapapenda hapa. = I like it here. (I like this place)

Maybe these examples will make it clear, assuming you're familiar with the object prefixes.

(Mtu) huyu ni mzuri. NinaMpenda ((mtu) huyu). = This person is nice. I like him/her (/this person).
(Kitu) hiki ni kizuri. NinaKIpenda ((kitu) hiki). = This thing is nice. I like it (/this thing).
(Mahali) hapa ni pazuri. NinaPApenda ((mahali) hapa). = This place is nice. I like it (/this place).

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