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  5. "Bitte schön!"

"Bitte schön!"

Translation:Here you are!

August 12, 2017

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"Bitte schön" is a slightly stronger version of "bitte". "Bitte" is one of those words that doesn't have a direct translation in English. Usually it can either mean "please" or "your welcome", but there are a few other cases in which it is used. The best way to learn when to use it is to see when natives use it, but for many, that is not really an option. Here's some examples of when it's used, to give an idea: - When you have a question, and you walk up to someone and say something like "Entschuldigung, Ich habe eine kurze Frage." (excuse me, I have a quick question.), they will usually respond with either "ja?" (yes?) or "Bitte." (basically asking for your question). - When you say "Danke schön!", they will usually say "Bitte Schön!" or something like "Kein Problem" (no problem) or "Gern geschehen" (literally "gladly happened", meaning basically "it was a pleasure"). - When you ask a question, it is polite to throw in a "bitte". Z.B. (Which stands for "Zum Beispiel" or "For example") "Kannst du mir bitte helfen?" (Can you please help me?) Those are the basics. There are a few more places where I have heard it be used, but you won't have to worry about that. That's generally advanced stuff.

One extra unrelated thing, with that last example, you may have noticed how it is "Kannst du MIR bitte helfen?" instead of "Kannst du MICH bitte helfen?" That is because there are some verbs that make the object take the Dativ Form instead of the Ackusative. You can look the list up when you have time. There's not too many verbs like this, but it does make you sound more natural if you use them properly.


Danke schon! Your explanation was great. These are the exceptions that will help a lot of us with the everyday speaking.


Yes, "you are welcome" is another meaning of this phrase. It's currently not accepted.

This sentence comes through interference from the Pearson course: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24066422

Please direct complaints about missing hints or translations to them.


I'm a little confused how this is "here you are" . Did I see that right?


you’re very welcome (commonly said in answer to danke schön (“thank you very much”))

here you are (said when you hand something over)


Hm, google translate says it's "You are welcome!" but another translator says it's "Here you go" Not sure what it is haha!


Ok got it. This is an exception. But it makes sense. Thanks


Is this the same schön that we've just had meaning pretty, handsome. so, literally, the phrase would mean: pretty please


-If somebody says to you "Danke schön" , it is polite to reply "Bitte Schön" or -e.g. If you offer a seat to some lady, you can point to seat and say "Bitte Schön".

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