I really want to learn how to sing Despacito, but I don't now how to speak Spanish and its too fast for me to learn just by listening to it!

August 12, 2017


It's just a matter of practice! Here is a link with words, just sing along and have fun! You can change the speed on Youtube.

Someone should make a spoof video replacing despacito with Duolingo: Duuuu..ooooo...lin-go

Does anyone have any tips for learning this song?

suppose when i take my time with this song its a bit shocking -I know- but who cares? Love does that to you.... :)

I'm learning it on LingQ, if you wanna check that out too

just check out the espanol letra (spanish lyrics) and you will get into your goal soon ,,, good luck ^_^*

Thanks for all these positive comments!

Well, I've read the lyrics in english and I'm not sure you really want to be singing them. They're kind of weird in my opinion.

Ok. Thanks for the advice!

despayito soma loma yoma poquito

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