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french movie and shows

i need help finding some

August 12, 2017



Gandahar is an old french animated sci-fi fantasy film from the late-80s, and is directed by René Laloux ( best know for directing Fantastic Planet ). I've watched it before, and I quite enjoyed it. Rather weird visuals, and an interesting plot. Although as a warning, there is some non-suggestive nudity within the film ( French censorship is quite different from most countries I've seen ).

Here's the whole movie on youtube, in its original French dub, along with English subtitles.


If you have Netflix, you can watch Les Revenants, it is a good show.


yea i started it its good


I saw a lot of recommendations for this show - can you tell me how to watch it for free? I don't have a Netflix account.


i dont know try just google other than netflix maybe 123movies or something


there are lots on YouTube


You go to your favourite torrenting website and you look for FR, FRE, FRENCH and TRUEFRENCH in the name.

Every single US movie or series is available in French.

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