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System doesn't use full vocabulary in subsequent lessons

There is a major pedagogical problem in that the system uses the same overly simplified statements repeatedly lesson after lesson and does not consistently use prior vocabulary. This creates a huge gap in knowledge with some vocabulary being consistently drilled while other words aren't ever recalled after their single individual lesson. While some repetition is essential to introduce new terms and concepts with low overhead, the lessons should be building up and using the breadth of the taught vocabulary rather than getting bogged down in repetitive simplifications.

June 27, 2012



Yes, I've begun to notice that too. Since the system doesn't provide the opportunity to look at a list of the vocabulary that we've (supposedly) learned, this is a bit difficult to track. But starting with the unit on Time, I've begun to keep a separate vocabulary list, in order to be able better to keep track of which words have been drilled and which haven't.


@TaylorM, this highlights the problem quite well. Revisiting modules is less useful than it could be because the system repeatedly drills only a small fraction of the material and not its entirety. I'd be curious how much telemetry the system uses in selecting questions - for instance, the system should be tracking how many times each user has encountered each word / concept and which words / concepts a user is struggling with. The user should be drilled on areas they are answering incorrectly more than areas they are not. If they aren't having issues, then the system should be ensuring that in repeating / reviewing, all of the words / concepts are drilled equally. This is clearly not the case, it seems more random than planned. For instance, I recently did a lesson where I got 6 questions in a row which rephrased the same exact sentence, all of which I answered correctly.


I routinely revisit modules even after I have mastered them when I know I'm weak on the vocab it taught me.


From the beginning I have written down notes as a reminder to myself, especially for the words I've never heard of before, but I do agree that some of the exercises do tend to repeat..... which on one hand can be a good thing as they do say the more you repeat something it will eventually go in! but on the other hand it would be nicer to have a wider variety of sentences to learn, rather than repeatedly saying "La camisa del hombre es roja"!!! My husband doesn't even have a red shirt!

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