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Cant access new lessons

I am on German level 8 and can't access the new icons. I have checked that all previous lessons have been completed and they have all been strengthened. I cannot access lessons that I have already done. I cannot access the new lessons it says I am up to. I cannot access the idiom lessons that I just purchased with ingots. Any suggestions? Thanks, Linda

August 13, 2017



try this


If that is not the problem, then you should move this post to the Troubleshooting forum. Click Edit this post and choose Troubleshooting from the pulldown menu.


This week, I have already seen this complaint twice.
Both users were using the outdated browser "Internet explorer". And the problems were solved by switching to the newest version of a modern browser (e.g Firefox, Chrome).

If this is not your problem, then we need much more information about your

  • Operating system + browser + version numbers.
  • Which App + version number and device
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