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"Learning a new language is necessary and that is always an advantage."

Translation:Việc học một ngôn ngữ mới là cần thiết và điều đó luôn là một lợi thế.

August 13, 2017



Why do we need 'là' for an adjective here (necessary)?


Sometimes điều đó, sometimes việc đó, and sometimes just đó. The use of việc đó is not accepted in this sentence, but it is accepted in other sentences similar to this one. Why? What is the difference? How is the student supposed to know?


The enlish sentence makes no sense. Why is it an advantage to be necessary?


Why do we use là here, with an adjective?


"Diều đó' in some examples; just 'đó' in others. What gives?


Given that "Điều đó," is from a section called "relative clauses," I think the point is to distinguish between to different types of uses of "that" in English. We use "that" both to indicate an object in physical space--"that kid (over there)"--and to reference something previously discussed in conversation--"He said he was taking the day off, and I said that was unacceptable." The "điều đó" from this lesson is the latter case. I may be entirely off, but that is my working impression of the difference.


And, yes, the English translation is atrocious - it is not clear what it means. The translation that captures what I think the Vietnamese means is "Learning a new language is necessary and always an advantage."


Never mind. Duolingo has a glitch and it gave it out wrong.


I chose the right answer but it wasn't accepted.


1 người Việt học tiếng Việt


In Vietnamese is the "that" (điều đó) referring to "learning a new language" or "necessary"? In English, if "learning a new language" is what "is always an advantage", then you wouldn't put "that" in there at all.


"that" referring to "learning a new language" in this case. Using "that" in this sentence will emphasize the necessity of learning a new language. So, if you cross out "that", the sentence is still acceptable.


Have lived in Vietnam more than a year. The first sentence is the one they would say. The second is not grammatically correct


It's only one sentence....


Can I use dang hoc instead of viec hoc?


I don't think so. Đang học indicates something you are currently doing: "What are you doing? I am learning (Tôi đang học)."
In the English sentence above, learning is used as a noun: "The act of learning a new language is necessary." No one is currently learning in the sentence. Việc học is how you talk about "the action of learning".

So even though the word "learning" looks the same in English, it has a very different meaning and role in the sentence. Vietnamese, and most languages I know use different words, to distinguish these two roles.


Thanks..that was a very helpful explanation!

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