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  5. "Paja la kuku"

"Paja la kuku"

Translation:A thigh of a chicken

August 13, 2017



both 'chicken thigh' and 'thigh of a chicken' mean the same thing. and both versions appear throughout the course for 'paja la kuku', however sometimes one is marked as correct or incorrect. Reported (numerous times, including 13 Aug 2017)


Please some consistency, accept either 'a' or 'the' and no article so learners can move on without the frustration. Reported countless times. Good to see many of these changes are now being accepted.


Are the corrections being accepted? I admire your faith.


I am pretty sure they don't have an army of developers working overtime to get all the errors fixed to a deadline. It's a few volunteers working on it when they can. So I trust that they will get there eventually. There is certainly a lot to fix.

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