"Vala gerpe jorrāelza."

Translation:The man loves the piece of fruit.

August 13, 2017

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Nominative - Gerpa (singular), Gerpi (plural)

Accusative - Gerpe (singular), Gerpii (plural)

Here's a table of how this noun conjugates if anyone is interested: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Noun_Declensions#Lunar-type:_vala

Here's a link to the vocabulary page. Hope it's useful :) https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary. The table says that


I understand there being the nominative an accusitave forms, but at one time the lesson refers to "gerpa/gerpe" as "fruit" and other times as "piece of fruit".

When the word is clicked on, both translations are given, so both answers should be expected.

Is there an actual difference between them?


I never understand when to put either "fruit" or "piece of fruit"


They use "piece of fruit" to mean "a single fruit", "a fruit", and "fruit" to mean "fruit in general, as a class of food". So technically you could use "fruit" without the "piece of" part as long as you mean "a single piece of fruit".

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