Translation:Are you eating?

August 13, 2017

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I'm so happy every time Duolingo accepts "y'all" for 2nd person pl.


Why does "Ipradā" (You are eating), become "Ipradāt" when it gets turned into a question? I thought it would just stay "Ipradā" but just have a question mark on the end? Thanks


That's not whats happening. Look again at the charts you said you've been making in your notebooks and see if you can find a verb form that ends in -āt. ;)


Ah thank you! I'm starting to understand now. I couldn't find another verb that ended in -āt, apart from when I looked at the pronouns and found this:

  1. I am - Iksan
  2. You are - Iksā
  3. He/She/It is - Issa
  4. We are - Iksi
  5. You all are - Iksāt
  6. They are - Issi

So now I know it goes:

  1. I am eating - Ipradan
  2. You are eating - Ipradā
  3. He/She/It is eating - Ipradas
  4. We are eating - Ipradi
  5. You all are eating - Ipradāt
  6. They are eating - Ipradis

High Valyrian is starting to make sense now - I love how logical it is once it starts becoming understandable! Thanks again for all your help MadLatinist!

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