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200 days streak but..

Hey guys!

I never thought I'd do it but today I reached the 200 days streak!

It's a great achievement, but it's important to remember: what's valuable is what we learn using this website. That's why we're here, right?

In my opinion, we shouldn't pay much attention to the streak - after all it's just a number.

What I mean is that if you lose your streak, don't be discouraged and continue learning the language as if nothing happened. ;)


August 13, 2017



For me, my streak helps motivate me and remind me to come back every day, as well as reminding me to do other language related things. I wouldn't care if no one else saw my streak, but I need it for my own motivation. Writing things down in a calendar or something like that wouldn't be the same for me.


I was always taught that discipline was more important than motivation in life and especially for progress. I think that people rely way to much on motivation, a number and nice quotes are stuff that can all fail you and probably will at some point and then all you have is you and your discipline. I'm not saying you are like this but a lot of people on here say they stop after they lose and streak and this seems to be because they put too much hope in motivation and not enough effort into discipline. I post this because it applies to almost every aspect of our lives and since being aware of this it is something I can work on.
Motivation is not a bad thing, i just see too many people put all their dreams onto it and it fail them when what they needed was discipline after this to hold them up despite motivation failing.


Wow! You have a lot of streaks!


wow, thats a lot of streaks and languages!!


Muy Bien

4 dias para mi


Muy bien, sigue asi :)


Merci beaucoup, tu peux le faire aussi un jour :)


how do you guys learn all these languages with out mixing them up?


You do mix them up, everyone makes mistakes, it's normal :)

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