"Mtoto ana kichomi"

Translation:A child has sharp pain

August 13, 2017

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It should also accept The and not only A


And pneumonia. And baby


Yes, that looks like my question too, does kichomi mean both sharp pain and pneumonia? Google translate says only the latter.


seriously- half the time I get questions wrong because the program wants an article and I don't put one, and then half the time I put one and get it wrong because it doesn't want an article. I also think that "a" vs "the" depends on the context, and since this has no context, just a sentence, most of the time both "a" and "the" should be acceptable


Yes, and here's a case where the would make more sense than a, because it must be referring to a specific child.

We need to keep reporting each example we find, because they don't seem to do a global search for the same problem in lots of questions. (I wish they would!)
Often the question is just isolated nouns, like "nurse and wound" or "death certificate" and we don't need an article at all for this kind of flash card. So I also flag "My answer should have been accepted" where an article is unneccesary and I left it out.

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