"З Новим Роком!"

Translation:Happy New Year!

August 13, 2017

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I presume this is an idiom used to mean Happy New Year, even though no single word actually means "happy" (nor anything similar)?

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    The full form is «Віта́ю вас з Нови́м ро́ком» ‘I congratulate you on the New Year’. Or «Віта́ю тебе́ з Нови́м ро́ком», if you’re speaking to someone you’re on good terms with.

    «З» ‘with’ is just the preposition used with «віта́ю» (English ‘congratulate’ requires ‘on’). It works when congratulating with other things holidays:

    • [Вітаю вас/тебе] з днем наро́дження! ‘Happy birthday!’ (literally ‘[I congratulate you] on (your) birthday’; make sure you don’t say this before the birthday — only on the actual birthday or after it)
    • [Віта́ю вас/тебе] з Кита́йським Но́вим Ро́ком! ‘Happy Chinese New Year!’
    • [Віта́ю вас/тебе] з Днем ханги́ля! ‘Happy Hangul day’

    When congratulating on something that is not really a holiday, then the phrase sounds better if you don’t omit «віта́ю тебе/вас»:

    • Віта́ю тебе зі ста дня́ми в Дуолі́нго! ‘I congratulate you on the 100 days in Duolingo!’
    • Віта́ю тебе́ з ви́ходом твоє́ї кни́жки! ‘I congratulate you on (the) publication of your book!’
    • Віта́ю вас з першим мі́сцем! ‘I congratulate you on (getting the) first place!’

    Note that there is «я» ‘I’ dropped in those phrases. If you added «я», this changes the meaning a bit:

    • «[Вітаю вас] з Новим роком» is used to actually congratulate someone, while
    • «Я віта́ю вас з Нови́м ро́ком» is a phrase describing my actions.

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    Thanks for the comprehensive explanation!

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