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learn language through postcards.


Postcards are wonderful

It would be nice to write

A postcard of the language

of the country that you visit


Los recuerdos de vacaciones



August 13, 2017



A truly and remarkably beautiful way to learn languages. :D I hope I get to visit the countries I want to see later on in life, especially Italy. I might write a postcard then! :)

Outstandingly amazing streak, by the way!! :) And amazing job at those four languages you managed to reach level 25 in!!! You must've already finished six trees, though, am I right?? :D :O !!! My compliments! Outstanding!!...

Would you say you're (somewhat) fluent in them?? :)



I had a brain injury

so all languages

are difficult for me


Oh dear. I'm truly sorry for that.. :,(

And yet you're still here, continuing onward, doing a truly outstanding job, being one of Duolingo's best, if not, the best. Well, that I have ever seen here, at least! :D

Truly inspirational... X) Keep going Jack.Elliot!!! ;D

Keep going...

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