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  5. "Я шукаю касу."

"Я шукаю касу."

Translation:I am looking for the ticket office.

August 13, 2017



This exercise does not accept the answer "I am looking for the cashier's desk." However, it does accept "I am looking for a cashier's desk." Please fix this article issue.


Thanks for commenting, added it. It's often overseen...


In this exercise "cashier" is not accepted, but in another exercise it is accepted as a translation for каса. Needs consistency


I know, I noticed it already and want to change it. I think "cashier" should not be accepted. Cashier is the person, and каса is the place. Although... In the same situation where a Ukrainian would say "Я шукаю касу", an English speaking person would probably say "I'm looking for the cashier". Is it so?..


"cashier" is just where you pay, regardless if you're talking about the place to stand in line or the person who takes your money. If you accept "ticket office," then you have have to accept "ticket booth," because a cashier often sits in a booth too.


Added "cashier".

"Ticket booth" is already accepted.



Yes it does look like cashier is a person. Added cash desk.

Current alternatives:

  • cashier's [desk/office]

  • ticket [office/booth/counter/window]

  • cash desk

Are there any more?

[deactivated user]

    Does каса also mean till / cash register / cash box?


    Does каса also mean till / cash register / cash box?

    That would be "касовий апарат".


    Can you also submit that the base translation in the exercises shouldn't be касу (which is accusative), but rather каса, which is the nominative form?


    Accusative is the only correct translation. Nominative would be wrong in this sentence.


    In Canada, we'd just say "Where is the cash, please?" No need for register, desk, etc.

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