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What is being tested and therefore learned?

When only one of the options in a multiple-choice test starts with a capital letter, it is a non-linguistic clue as to which word goes first -- or, when only one word is required, which one is to be selected. This is consequently testing problem-solving ability, not language proficiency.

A similar mistake occurs when the correct answer is a verb, and the given alternatives are one verb and three nouns; or when the test of the understanding of different pronouns, and only one pronoun is included in the response alternatives.

A good multiple-choice test would have all response alternatives in the same format, and of the same type.

August 13, 2017



This is why I prefer the website to the app. It's more challenging overall.


This is why I prefer the app to the website. It's easier and faster overall.

Both are useful!


Agreed. I often find myself going to the capitalized word first without even thinking about what is being asked, because I know it's first.


Yes and it's more fun in my opinion

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