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Why "je suis petit" rather than "je suis petite?" when spoken by a woman?

Why would a woman saying she is small be written as "je suis petit" rather than "je suis petite?"

August 13, 2017



She wouldn't.
This extends to anything that is feminine in French.
If you are talking about a table (feminine in French), you say: Elle est petite.


Duolingo doesn't match the gender of adjectives, as applied to first-person subjects, to the sex of the speaking voice. This is misleading and hinders learning. It ought to be corrected.


Duolingo manages to match the gender of 1P subjects with the correct voice in Hebrew; I don't see why it shouldn't be able to do so in French.


Did duolingo say this? Because as far as I know she would say 'je suis petite'.


Maybe it was an error. In French a woman would say "Je suis petite".


If that actually happened, it was probably just an oversight on Duolingo's part.


petite is feminine. A lot of words that are feminine end with an 'e'.

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