What have you done to Duolingo?

Ever since advertisements were added, neither the app nor the website function as before. The app keeps crashing every time certain questions are answered. It doesn't seem to matter whethr the answer is right or wrong, just the act of submitting any answer at all triggers the crash, forcing the user to reopen and restart the lesson or review session from the beginning. Of course, before the lesson or review session ends, the same question inevitably reappears and makes everything crash again, so the user becomes trapped in what seems to be duolingo's version of "Groundhog Day."

This needs to get fixed ASAP.

Meanwhile, on the website, clicking on the link that used to lead to discussions of a question (which were very useful for understanding why an answer was right or wrong, nuances of meaning and other ways of expressing the thought) now leads to nowhere -- everything hangs. The button for reporting problems with a question still works, but the menu of reportable problems has become so limited as to be pretty much useless. For example, there is no way to report that the question is causing the session to crash, or the spoken sentence doesn't match the one written on the screen.

I understand why the advertising is necessary, but find it hard to believe the sudden appearance of so many glitches in a program that used to work really well is not somehow related to the addition of advertisements.

August 13, 2017


I've had more crashing/hanging than before as well. However, I can't say for sure whether it's related to the ads or not. You might want to move this to the troubleshooting forum.

August 13, 2017

Couldn't find the troubleshooting forum. On the website only visible options are Home, Words, Discussion and Labs, with no links at bottom of page for Help, Support, Forums, Communities, etc.

August 13, 2017

You may not be subsribed to it, on the main discussions page there is a box of your subscrptions, press edit then scroll down to toubleshooting, subrice, and you will be able to move this to there

August 13, 2017

Thanks. Will,move the dsicussion now.

August 13, 2017

This may be an issue with interent conextion, although you could try using an ad block

August 13, 2017

I don't experience any of these troubles (using the website with Firefox and the Android App).

August 13, 2017

I don't have this exact problem but every since around the beginning of the year, the Duolingo app has become extremely slow and sometimes doesn't respond when in the middle of a lesson and there are crashes for no reason.

August 13, 2017

I have never experienced any of these. Perhaps it is your browser? What browser do you use?

August 13, 2017


August 13, 2017

Hmm. I have a safari browser and it crashes frequently, not just on Duolingo. In fact, Duolingo just won't work at all on Safari. That might be it. Try updating your browser?

August 13, 2017

AFAIU DuoLingo has thrown away "everything" from the old Python code and (completely or partly) re-engineered their product in Scala.

This of course means that many functionality is lost, which has been there before (like the progress tests bought with lingots).....or was better supported by very powerful user scripts (I really miss them).

It will be a "slow, rocky and quite long way" to improve the existing Scala code, that it will be back to the functionality the old Python portal was....and it will probably take 1-1,5++ years to be back to the functionality with all activated user scripts.

This explains all your losses about "the menu of reportable problems has become so limited as to be pretty much useless".

As water flows steadily past the stream there will be a day where some (old) functionality will be back :-)

According to the Help / FAQ portal update list, the DuoLingo team is already aware of some points.
They can not do more than making it transparent that "they are working on some of the issues / will be steadily improving the new Scala portal" and what issues they are already aware.
You really need to have a look at this list!!

August 14, 2017

"Crashes and extremely slow" are common complaints from people, who are using .....

  • a phone/tablet with an old version of Android or iOS in combination with a recent version of a Duolingo App
  • an outdated operating system (e.g. Windows 7 or older)
  • an outdated browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).
    Advice: Install at least a recent versie of a modern browser (e.g Firefox, Chrome. Both are free)
August 13, 2017

1) iPad2 + IOS 7.xx (last update before IOS 8) + Safari. (Device does not function on IOS 8 or later) 2) PC + Windows 7+ Firefox (same problem with upgrading the OS) Clearly what has happened is that Duo has decided its redesign would no longer support my operating systems, and since I cannot afford to replace my hardware, I will eventually be unable to use the program at all, which is a sad but unavoidable consequence of the cloud-based business model.

August 16, 2017

In general
Outdated operating systems and browsers may not be able to handle many of the new computer programs and Apps. It's not just Duolingo!

1. Try to install the latest version of Chrome or Firefox on your iPad and PC
2. Try Duolingo again

An old PC or laptop can be reused and secured by installing the free Linux operating system
- You can install your "beloved" Windows 7 and associated programs in a "virtual box" in Linux
- For security reasons, you may only use internet in Linux with an updated and modern browser (such as Firefox).

In this way, a computer friend replaced Windows XP by Linux on my old laptop.

August 16, 2017

I'd recommend if you want a practical response you provide practical info. How is anyone supposed to help you when they don't know if you are using the version of the software for Windows, Android, MacOS, Windows phone, iPhone, hell you could be on a blackberry as far as anyone knows.

August 16, 2017
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