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duolingo suggestion: marking words for practice

Hello duolingo team and fellow learners! I have a suggestion that i think could help us learners when learning certain words. Duolingo uses the timed practice algorithms for letting us know when certain words need to be practiced, but i have noticed that i have quite a lot of words that are overdue, yet still don't seem to show up in my practice sessions. i think it could be a useful feature if under the "words" tab there was an option to mark words to make sure that they show up in your practice lessons every time until they are unmarked. This could also help if there are specific words that duolingo show as not needing practice even if I myself know that it is a word that i have a hard time remebering and usually cheat/peak at when i do my lessons. It could also be used if i simply want to practice specific words at once even if they belong in different categories. Is this something that anyone else would find useful as well? Let me know what you guys think! :)

August 13, 2017



That actually makes perfect sense.

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I would like to check some words, I already know them so they should not be weak. I know - and will ALWYAS KNOW - what zapatos, gris, verde and a lot of the other weak words mean. They are STRONG

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