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"Zȳhi zaldrīzī jorrāelosy daor."

Translation:They do not love his dragon.

August 13, 2017



i made a mistake that wasn't recognised by the system: i translated the sentence to "they do not love her dragons" (pl.), and it said it was correct. but my sentence would have been "zyhī..." (long i) instead, wouldn't it?


Shouldn't it be "zȳhys" or "zȳhyz" (depending on the number of dragons) as zaldrīzes is solar, not lunar?


i don't think so. "zȳhys"/ "zȳhyz" would be correct for the nominative, but this is an accusative.


Oh, ok. So -i (s) and -ī (p) are the accusative solar endings for possessive adjectives?

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