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Any German recourses for improving?

i made a final decision to finally start German and master it.. I am at the very bottom but want to learn it very quickly and become fluent. So please tell me any good android apps or any other recourses which i can use on my jounrey of learning German! Danke in advance!

August 13, 2017



When you come across helpful posts, you can "Follow Discussion" (upper right hand corner of a post) and later find it in your Discussion section under "Followed".

About a year ago, Rosencross compiled a list of many German resources from many DL posts. Here is the link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13193331


The Easy German youtube channel is a great resource for learning German. They have lots of videos with both German and English subtitles, ranging from basic German for complete beginners, to regular spoken real-German ( not textbook German ). I highly recommend this channel.

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First things first. Check discussions; there are many with links to learning materials, videos etc to enhance your learning experience.


any other recourses which i can use on my jounrey of learning German

Have a look at the wonderful overview made by Knud van Eeden
"Can you give some links about German?"


Once you're a bit more advanced, you might find the following website useful:


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@Stusstrupp, I just added that to my list of resources. And my friends wonder how I can spend so much time learning German on the computer. If they only knew! Vielen Dank.


You can try the official Memrise courses for German. It's a fantastic addition to Duolingo.

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