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What percentage of south Africa and Namibia speak Afrikaans as first,second and third language?

August 13, 2017



80% of White South Africans are Afrikaans. And 13.5% of South Africans are First language Afrikaans...so nearly 7 millions people altogether.

Afrikaans is still one of these compulsory subject in the majority of schools throughout the country, so the second and third language speakers is a pretty big percentage of the country.

Namibia is pretty Afrikaans and German...Wiki tells us 180 thousands Afrikaans speakers but that's only the 1st language speakers there.

Just check out the geographic distribution from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrikaans


I am a native Afrikaans speaker from South Africa.

I do not know any statistics of how many speakers of it there are, but what I can comment on is that the language feels pretty much wide-spread over South Africa.

Whether as a first language, or as a second/third language, I believe that a large number of South African have either some degree of fluency in Afrikaans, or at least some degree of passive comprehension of it.

In a country where we have eleven official languages, it is understandable that some extremes exist with regards to a particular language here (fluent vs. no knowledge at all). For instance, I only speak / am literate in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa at advanced levels; but I possess some passive skills in Zulu and Sotho. I have no knowledge at all of the other six languages here.

I digressed somewhat from the discussion's topic, but I hope that I could at least give a general scope from a personal perspective to which to compare the statistics.

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