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how I didn't lose my streak while on holiday

Hi! Just had a fab holiday in the Swiss Alps walking and didn't lose my streak! What a bonus!

Nearly did lose it though. On my first day there, having travelled overnight with no internet, the wifi was so poor that each time I tried a lesson it dropped out and never recorded all the work I did. I knew I had done the work, but DL didn't. Frustrating to see those little dots go round and round and then drop out and no nice green tick. I decided to give up and rely on my streak freeze till the following day.

The next day I got someone to help me stop the apps and Google Maps on my tablet from updating as the updating seemed to take precedence over anything else the tablet was doing. (don't understand why stopping apps from updating didn't stop google Maps too, but there we go...) and I decrease the number of required XP to ONE, and I only did one question in a timed practice a day so the risk of the internet dropping during the shorter process was less. Bingo! Sometimes I needed to do one question over and over a few times to get it to register one XP, but at least I hadn't taken and hour trying to get a whole skill strengthened and wasted precious hiking time.

Now I am back I can start to catch up again with my French. I hope recounting the things I did helps someone. Streaks are not everything, but I somehow quite like to have mine.

August 13, 2017



Who doesn't like having a streak? Congrats on keeping it! And also, Swiss alps, COOL!


Meh. I'm glad the poster's happy in being able to keep up a streak. Personally, I'd take a walking vacation in the Swiss Alps as the perfect opportunity to finally put my stupid streak to bed.


Wow. Impressive streak. But also, why don't you just skip a day, or just don't meet your goal one day? Would you like to trade Streaks?


I have this silly belief that I might as well keep it going as long as I have the ability to - and generally, now that immersion's gone, it's one exercise a day that I do. I haven't had a trip recently where I haven't had internet access.


"now that immersion is gone..." yup. I also do a very little bit every day. If I didn't have a streak to tend, I would probably soon forget to log in. Although I try to participate in discussions to keep some of the community feeling alive.


True. And would you like your lingots back (I'm guessing you gave me three)? I have more than 18,000; I'm certainly not a deserving recipient of those useless things.


oh no, it's ok, keep the three lingots, they're so decorative :-) (yes, I know you have lots and get more every ten days!)


I hope that my post helps those who do value their streaks to keep theirs in places where the internet is rather slow and drops out before completing tasks.

I didn't speak of the wonders of the holiday as this would not be a DL topic but spam. But it was really fab and not losing the streak is a bonus, an extra happiness to add to all the rest of the wonders of my first time hiking in the Swiss Alps. The only chance to practice my spoken French was while waiting with a French family at Dover for a ferry much delayed due to stormy weather. That was fun. I was surprised that, despite living in a small country with both French and German as languages, the locals only spoke German and not French, though they did speak some English. I thought we British people were the only ones who don't learn other languages.


....all I heard was walking in the Swiss Alps. Sweet.


Nice to see a discussion about someone NOT losing their streak! well done, and thank you for sharing the way you managed.


So many people lose their streaks on holidays, but you didn't! At least you saved your streak and managed to find a way around it.


I feel you. I do 50xp or more almost everyday, but keep it at 10 just in case i have one of those busy/long days lol


Let's celebrate and congratulate whenever and whatever we can! And thanks for the support in upvotes and lingots to those who have given. I think giving thanks so important, living with an 'attitude of gratitude' does make each day better for all.


Good tip! Thanks! I'm going on a vacation soon and I know that much of the time I will have very little phone reception except when we wander into town for meals. I've been thinking about how I wanted to manage my streak because I don't want to lose it.

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