"Rōvyz azantyssy ēdrusi."

Translation:The big knights are sleeping.

August 13, 2017



I was quite confused by how "Rōva" conjugates, so I looked it up on the wiki and found it conjugates like this:

Large/Big (Lunar):

  1. Nominative: Rōvys/Rōvyz - Exact same for both singular and plural. The form is Rōvyz before a vowel, h, or a voiced consonant: k, p, s, or t.

  2. Accusative: Rōvi (singular), Rōvī (plural).

At least it's according to this table: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Adjectives#Class_I

August 14, 2017


Thanks, but I note that the consonants you are listing are unvoiced.

August 20, 2017


I looked up more information about Azantys, and apparently the paucal form of them means army (made up of smaller units = knights/swordsmen). So by that logic, wouldn't 'soldier' be a correct translation?

August 13, 2017


According to https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary , the word mentys exclusively means "soldier", whereas azantys means "knight, soldier, warrior, swordsman, swordswoman" from azandy "short sword"

The paucal form is used for a quantity between 3-10 in other languages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammatical_number#Paucal - as I see it, the paucal form means "some knights"

Maybe the table for 2sol. can shed some light on this subject? https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Noun_Declensions#Solar-type:_loktys

August 29, 2017


Yeah, soldier and warrior should be correct. I guess they decided not to add them though because they had bigger things to focus on and just wanted to get the course out. Worth reporting it though.

August 14, 2017
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