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Best books to study Russian

I'm wondering what books you consider the best to study russian. Right now my top three are:

  1. Essential Russian Grammar (Dover Language Guides Essential Grammar): I love this little book. It's only 128 pages long but it contains all the grammar you need on a daily basis. It even includes a fair share of good examples despite its length.

  2. The Big Book of Russian Phrases: I found this book on amazon the other day and haven't stopped using it. It contains many examples of phrases in Russian and English in many different categories. What I find particularly compelling is the eclectic categories such as Latin American Literature or Buddhist Proverbs.

  3. Roots of the Russian Language: An Elementary Guide to Wordbuilding: After studying this soviet-era book I have improved my ability to understand Russian vocabulary. This is because Russian relies on roots for its lexicon much more than most Indo European languages.

August 13, 2017


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I typically see people using Nicholas J. Brown's "The New Penguin Russian Course". I don't know a lot of books for teaching Russian so it's difficult for me to compare it to other books in this category, but I have this book and it does seem to be a good book for bringing the reader gradually into the subject, since the author is himself a teacher of Russian and so he's come to recognize the places where students tend to get confused or stuck.


Golosa is a good textbook to use although fairly expensive. Every penny was worth it as it helps learn with exercises, texts, videos and audio recordings!


I recently today got Collins Cortina – Russian in 20 lessons. It looked alright in the library

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