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What websites will supplement explanations provided on Duo

i find it necessary to practice perfect tenses, passive voice, and provide practice for vocabulary beyond that provided by this service. i appreciate the work provided by the developers, it is amazingly thought provoking t times.

With Tinycards, I could spend hours but has anyone found successful way to merge the two services to conserve time while still maintaining te review process.

What is "tree" should I be concerned/ no one hs ever explained the concept to me. I am leveled at 21 with 57% proficiency. If that helps.

Finally I would like to contct anyone interested in conversing in Germn to help in practicing. We live in America, central time zone, i would suggest mid morning through 3 pm, although I am open to other times and to skype.

Danke fur alle deine gute Gedanke

Tschuss Martin

August 14, 2017


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